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Diversion Safes Locking Mailbox Motion Detector and Driveway Alarms
Get the tools you need for a multi-layered home security plan!

Have you been concerned with the rising threats of crime in your community? You're not alone.

Home security products can help protect your family and valuables from burglars and drug users that target neighborhoods in these tough economic times.

You may have considered getting a burglar alarm or you may already have one installed in your home. Or maybe you've considered buying home security cameras or doorbell cameras to bolster your security.

Unfortunately, these measures by themselves won't fully secure your property and end up leaving you without a real and lasting home security solution.

EagleSmart Security will provide you with value added home security solutions that will secure your home and protect what matters most!

Intrusion alarms, surveillance systems, and other security measures are much more effective when you follow the basic rules of home security coupled with a multi-layered protection plan that can best accomplish your home security goals.

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Stone Diversion Safe
Our Price: $9.00
Super Door Stop Alarm
Our Price: $15.95
: $9.95
Savings: $6.00
Glass Breakage Alarm
Our Price: $10.95
SABRE Drink Test Kit
Our Price: $12.95
Streetwise PRO-TEC-DOOR Alarm
Our Price: $25.95
: $14.95
Savings: $11.00
window-lock WindoBully Window / Door Lock (2 pack)
Our Price: $25.95
: $14.95
Savings: $11.00
Mini Alert Alarm
Our Price: $15.95
Fire Gone 16oz Can
Our Price: $25.95
: $18.95
Savings: $7.00
Book Diversion Safe
Our Price: $19.00
Small Alarmed Padlock
Our Price: $19.95
Streetwise Locking Book Safe with Key
Our Price: $29.95
: $19.95
Savings: $10.00
Large Alarmed Padlock
Our Price: $20.95
Driveway Patrol Driveway Patrol
Our Price: $35.95
: $22.95
Savings: $13.00
Driveway Alarm Wireless Safety Alert & Driveway Patrol Alarm
Our Price: $35.95
: $24.95
Savings: $11.00
Streetwise SafeZone Motion Activated Alarm w/Keypad
Our Price: $32.95
: $26.95
Savings: $6.00
Door Jammer: Portable Security Device
Our Price: $45.95
: $29.00
Savings: $16.95
Heavy Hitter Aluminum Bat Flashlight
Our Price: $49.95
: $35.95
Savings: $14.00
Electronic Barking Dog Alarm
Our Price: $99.95
: $64.95
Savings: $35.00
Door Devil door jamb reinforcement Door Jamb Reinforcement Kit
Our Price: $109.95
: $79.95
Savings: $30.00
wireless ip camera Wireless IP Camera w/ Pan & Tilt from Streetwise
Our Price: $155.95
: $89.95
Savings: $66.00
Metro Wall Mount Mailbox Metro Wall Mount Mailbox
Our Price: $110.95
Mail Manager Locking Mailbox Mail Manager®
Our Price: $115.95
Townhouse Mail Boss Wall Mount Mailbox Townhouse Mail Boss
Our Price: $125.95
Versonel Nightwatcher Robotic LED Security Lighting
Our Price: $263.95
: $149.99
Savings: $114.00
Pool Alarm System
Our Price: $159.00
Streetwise HD 1080P Weather Station Camera Wi-Fi Version
Our Price: $255.95
: $165.95
Savings: $90.00
Mail Boss Locking Mailbox Mail Boss®
Our Price: $189.95
Nightwatcher Robotic Security Motion Lightning Camera
Our Price: $255.99
: $199.99
Savings: $56.00
Quick Shelf Safe with RFID
Our Price: $269.99
: $234.99
Savings: $35.00
Mail Package Master® Locking Mailbox Mail Package Master®
Our Price: $239.95
Nightwatcher LED Security Motion Recording Light with WiFi
Our Price: $355.99
: $299.99
Savings: $56.00